Intuition should only be used for yourself

Intuition should only be used for yourself and not for others. To begin with, what is intuition? It is an immediate direct perception of truth or of a fact, independent of any reasoning process.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the difference between psychic ability and intuition. When, suddenly, you think you have an answer or a solution for another person, and it has come to you spontaneously, you think it's intuition and that you know the truth for the other person. In reality, it's your psychic ability. You may feel/know something about another person (usually someone close), but when your intuition is at work, this information relates to you and not the other.

When your intuition is at work, there is no uneasiness. This important detail helps you to know if you have confused a psychic feeling with intuition. When you see something that could happen in the future to someone close, this vision comes from your psyche. It is connected to that person by your solar plexus. Don't run to the phone to warn that person, because it may be that what you suspect is colored by your fears. If you are allowed to see a reality for someone else, it may be to help you prepare psychologically.

If you really want to help this other person, ask questions to help them find their own answers. When you do not feel responsible for their happiness, your intuition will help you ask the right questions. Nobody in the world has the power to know with certainty someone's future. When you see the future of another person, it is always based on what that other person is going through at the moment and the outcome can change if something in his belief system or inner attitude changes. Our future is always being transformed.

Another hint is that when it's intuition, there is no fear and it cannot harm anyone.

You should use your intuition to better know your own needs. A soon as an idea, a thought or an image comes to you, check to see how you feel about it. Does it reassure you or help you? Make you feel good? Do you feel that it helps you understand or to do something? Those are some questions that can help you know whether it is really your intuition.

It takes practice to discern where all these spontaneous ideas and thoughts are coming from. If you were reflecting on a situation when you received the idea or information, it may not be intuition, but just a mental response to your thinking. This does not mean that the conclusion is incorrect. The mind must also be used to find the necessary resources to meet our needs.

With love,

Lise Bourbeau

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