Become aware of your emotional wounds BEFORE you get very sick

Over the years, I have realized that every crippling disease is developed after the body showed many small signs. A strong unhealed emotional wound of rejection can lead a person to deny or ignore these signs.

Our body speaks to us through our physical problems to remind us of the importance of loving ourselves. Considering that the opposite of love is hate, I have come to the conclusion that any significant illness indicates self-hatred which is directly related to the wound of rejection. The stronger it is, the more quickly disease manifests itself. The rejection wound is the most suffering one psychologically because not only do we reject ourselves, we often feel rejected by others.

The wound of rejection is triggered at birth with the parent of the same sex. It leads the person to hate (often unconsciously) that parent in whom they see and reject what they believe about themselves. Hatred is impossible when we are indifferent; strong emotions come from our sensitivity. Yet, people suffering from the wounds of rejection and injustice can often be viewed as "cold." Particularly adept at hiding their great sensitivity, at repressing it deep within themselves, these people do not know how to deal with it. They believe that if they are not sensitive to their inner suffering, they will suffer less, while in reality the suffering becomes even greater.

A disease only develops when a person is unwilling or unable to be aware of their hatred. Hiding it, denying it and suffering on their own. An important illness therefore signals that it is imperative to become aware of having hated and/or rejected the same sex parent and reconnect with one's inner power, in other words to love instead of rejecting oneself.

I want to clarify that the person who suffers from the wound of Injustice also contributes in its own way to reinforce denial and unconsciousness. Why? Because they are convinced that it's not okay to hate your parent and that one should be thankful instead, especially if this parent had great qualities or was considered to be the weak parent or the “loser” in the parental couple.

In fact, what the ego – which manifests itself through wounds – ignores is that by denying the fact that we resent a parent, it’s impossible to make peace. The ego doesn’t know that others are in our life to help us become aware of what we do not accept about ourselves.

So because of all this, people who suffer from the wound of Rejection or Injustice cannot sense the many little signs their body is sending them. They only deal with the very important signs, like cancer.

I highly recommend that you be alert to the little signals in your body. They draw your attention to loving yourself more, accepting yourself rather than feeling guilty and rejecting yourself. This will help you keep your natural energy, heal quickly, and prevent serious illnesses. As soon as you feel unwell, remember to ask yourself: What am I blaming myself for? What do I feel guilty about? When you have your answers, give yourself the right to be human and to have weaknesses. Loving yourself is accepting yourself and even accepting your behaviors that you don’t like.

The more we love ourselves, the more we are aware and the more we are sensitive to our inner and outer sufferings.

Our body IS our best friend.

Lise Bourbeau

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