Your body will never stop sending you messages

I often hear teachers say to those who do personal growth work that, if they are listening to their bodies, they shouldn’t be sick. If you have had people say something like that to you, it is because you believe in the notion that you shouldn’t be sick or have relationship problems if you are doing your inner work. That is why you attract comments of this type. 

Most people who teach in this field have trouble accepting the fact that they will continue to receive messages their entire life. During the Listen to Your Body workshops, our teachers therefore always share with their participants the messages that their body sends them when they experience a physical problem of some sort. This allows everyone to be reminded that they will continually receive messages (even our teachers do!) and that these are beneficial. Only our ego believes that these messages are no longer necessary. 

In reality, the more you want to learn about yourself and to develop greater awareness of what is happening in you, the more your inner God will speak to you through the medium of your body to help you achieve this. What is more, certain people say that they have more physical problems once they have undertaken personal growth work. That said, becoming more conscious and learning to understand our body’s messages allows us to relinquish beliefs that are no longer beneficial to us, whereas choosing to remain unconscious and ignorant only aggravates our problems. 

It is important to sort through our beliefs since certain beliefs tell us we are not doing the right thing or that we should be different, and this pushes our body to send us messages. The more painful the message the more urgent it is to love ourselves more, especially to love and accept those aspects of ourselves that we reject the most. Stronger messages are also an opportunity to deal with something that has endured for several lifetimes. What matters is that you orient yourself more and more in the direction of your life plan and that your love for yourself will grow along the way. 

Listen to Your Body teaching, offered through books, workshops and talks, never claims that our body will stop sending us messages if we love ourselves enough. Every message allows us to become aware of the beliefs and fears that prevent us from truly loving ourselves. Our inner God wants only our happiness. 

If you are frustrated by the fact that you have a problem even though you are doing a lot of personal growth work, it means you have forgotten that every situation offers you the chance to love yourself instead of continually feeding your fears which are at the root of the problem. Maybe you have the impression that you are being attacked by forces outside of you, while actually you are receiving a message of love from your inner being, from your soul. 

You may be asking yourself how you can learn to understand the messages your body sends you. If so, I suggest you read my book entitled Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself!  In the last chapter you will find a decoding method. 

Remember that it is impossible to deal all at once with all the beliefs and fears you have unconsciously accumulated during your many lives. Fortunately we live in an era where many helpful tools are easily accessible to us. 

Just remember to love yourself the way you are. That is the only way you will reach an inner transformation. 

With love, 

Lise Bourbeau

Learn to be happy

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