Peace is a natural heritage of the soul

Do you find this difficult to accept? Can you easily feel inner peace on a daily basis?

Our ability to receive this inheritance of peace can be linked to the ability to receive in other areas of our lives. Could it be that you are more attentive to what you are not receiving, to what is wrong with you, to your faults and those of others? If that’s the case, it’s your attitude that is preventing you from feeling peace.

WHAT AM I TO DO? you might ask. How can I accept this heritage? By cultivating peace, by accepting the fact that you can always choose what you want in life.

If you choose to live in a more peaceful manner, here are some other ways to help you:

  • Write down I WANT PEACE on a large piece of paper and put it in prominent places in your home, wherever you spend time daily.
  • As soon as you feel an inner discomfort, take time to breathe deeply and ask yourself: How can I be at peace in this situation?
  • When you have found the answer to How can I be at peace in this situation use all the means at your disposal. It may be difficult at times but your intention to feel more at PEACE will already help to make it easier.
  • When it’s impossible for you to experience peace, give yourself the right to be incapable to do so. It simply means that your fears have taken over. You’re only human, so that’s normal once in a while. Just don’t forget what you want: PEACE.
  • Pay attention to the little voices of your ego, for example "It’s normal that you are stressed out in this kind of situation”, “If you don't care, you're insensitive", "It's not your fault you're angry, it's the other person's fault", "If you don't yell and get angry, nothing will change, you'll have to endure the same situation over and over", etc. Your ego is convinced it’s helping you. It doesn’t know what PEACE is. It only knows about your belief system. Therefore it is based only on the past. PEACE can only exist in the PRESENT MOMENT.

Be at peace.


Lise Bourbeau

Learn to be happy

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