Difference between listening to one's body and listening to the needs of one's body

Many years ago, back pain woke me each morning and it made me get up. I was convinced that I was listening to my body by getting up. But that wasn't so...

LISTENING TO YOUR BODY is to be attentive to all messages you receive from your physical, emotional and mental bodies. These messages tell you how much you listen to their needs.

LISTENING TO THE NEEDS OF ONE'S BODY means to give it what it needs. Physically, it means giving your body food when it is hungry, rest when it is tired or allowing your body to sleep when it is sleepy. Because the other two bodies are much more subtle, it is more difficult to identify the times when we do not listen to their needs.

That's why I recommend you become aware of your physical body first. It is always a reflection of what's happening in your other two bodies. So as soon as you feel discomfort in your physical body, you'll know there's discomfort in your other two bodies and you may not be listening to some of their needs.

If I may return to my sore back, the message I received was that I NEEDED TO STAY IN BED LONGER, to rest more. But I didn't because I maintained the belief that I had no right to REALLY get some rest if all my tasks were not finished. I would of been quite lazy.

When your body hurts, take time to check what the pain prevents you from doing and being. The answer to that will help you discover THE TRUE NEEDS OF YOUR SOUL. In my case, the pain prevented me from being FREE to stay comfortably in bed. So I needed to be be free and to stay in bed, but my fear of becoming lazy took control.

Listening to your body is therefore asking yourself some questions and listening to the answers.

Thank it for helping you discover your true needs. In doing so, you can also practice real love by giving yourself the right to listen (or not to listen) to what is needed in the moment. Discovering what you need does not require you to take immediate action, but being aware that your ego/fear is preventing you from listening to your true needs, should help you eventually.

Of course, you have the right not to listen to your needs if they are beyond your limits for the moment. Be aware of this and accept yourself. In doing so, you will listen to your needs more and more and love yourself in the process.

You'll know you've listened to the needs of your emotional and mental bodies when you no longer feel guilty or are no longer controlled by your fears.

With love,

Lise Bourbeau

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