Having power over others

Did you know that those who seek to have power over others are those who are least in contact with their own power? Let’s have a look at the meaning of “seeking power over others". Those who seek power over others:
• want to have the last word
• say "I agree with you BUT ... "
• attempt at all costs to convince the other of the soundness of their thinking
• immediately tell someone what to do to when they are just sharing a problem without asking for assistance
• make sure to let another know they were wrong
• act in a way to punish the other, e.g. sulking, ignoring, ridiculing, making         disparaging remarks in front of others
• make sure the other person has no power over them, by refusing assistance, accepting no “favours”, etc.

This kind of person wants to give the impression that she is really in command, while it is just the opposite. The more a person tries to prove that they have more power, the more it reveals their own fears, stemming from lack of contact with their own power.

What does it mean to be in contact with one's own power? Power is manifested in the material world; in other words, it is the ability to do something, to perform an action, to produce an effect. So a person that's in tune with his own power uses his talents, his ability to think, to choose, and take whatever action he needs to create his life according to his inner needs.

Whereas, inner strength is manifested in the spiritual realm, that is to say the level of Being. It is the inner strength that comes from knowing that we are God, that we can create our lives.

So those who seek to have power over others, create an illusion of power because they cannot feel their own. They have to keep reinforcing the illusion, because it is temporary.

It is interesting to note that in a relationship, the person with power over the other is in reality weak. The person that allows the other to have power over them attracts this situation so that they may become aware that they are not in contact with their own power. One acts with force and the other with weakness, but neither is actually in tune with their own power. They both have fears to discover and manage.

If you are a person who seeks to have power over others or a person who lets others have power over you, I suggest you make a list of all your talents and all the things you can do to get what you want out of life. These are all your powers that you don't necessarily use. Then take time each day to act on one or more items on the list; for example, instead of waiting for someone else to make a decision for you, decide for yourself. If this is difficult for you, here's how you can make your own decisions: close your eyes and visualize the different choices you have then check to what degree (1 to 10) each choice enthuses you. This will tell you the choice to make according to what you need most. Then make a list of everything you can do to manifest that choice.

It does not matter if it does not manifest itself immediately, at least you feel that you are listening to your needs by using your own power, and this feeling will empower you.

The more you are in tune with your power to create your life, the more you will be able to let go of wanting to control other peoples lives. You'll be inclined to accept that they have their own power to create their life. That does not mean that they will no longer need you, your help or advice. But you'll be able to wait for their decision to ask for help. This is also true for you; it is in your power to ask for help if you need it.

Thus, by taking back your power you'll feel more and more energized.

With love,

Lise Bourbeau

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