Your soul mate is within you

I recently gave the LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL workshop in two countries and I was asked several questions concerning soul mates and twin souls. One morning some time after these workshops I woke up with a vision that differed from the one I had had on the subject and I would love to share it with you.

A long time ago, theosophy taught me the following concerning soul mates. At the beginning of time, we were created perfect, complete and androgynous. We were beings of light. When the soul appeared, it was divided into two sexes and two principles, namely, the masculine and the feminine. Over the course of their incarnations, the two souls engage in a work of purification so that they can return to the light, meet each other again, and become one again.

There are other schools of thought which say that soul mates are those which, from their first encounter, experience an intense joy accompanied by very profound feelings. The two people are so drawn to each other that they almost immediately want to spend the rest of their lives together. Those who subscribe to this idea of what a soul mate is believe that soul mates are those people who give us the impression that we've always known them and with whom we will have a great friendship and not a romantic relationship.

The observations that I've made over the years lead me to believe that our soul mates are those who are a part of our family in the world of the soul (the astral world). In such a way, all those who are close to us, like the members of our immediate family, our children, our good friends, and our spouses and partners make up this large family. We meet again in the beyond, after the death of our physical body, and we take stock of what we did or did not accomplish according to our life plan and the needs of our soul. After this we know what remains to be done in order to become once again a being of light and we return to the Earth to continue our path.

We will once again be drawn to the same or other members of our family of souls to continue our evolution. It's thanks to those close to us that we can really make progress. Those we rub shoulders with and with whom it is easier to evolve show us that we have already done some good work over the course of our previous incarnations. I call these souls my gifts, my rays of sunlight.

In all the countries where I teach, people are looking for their soul mate. Today, I realize that, at bottom, we are looking to fuse together our masculine and feminine principles. I therefore recommend that you stop believing that there is one special person, called a soul mate, that you must meet one day. The more you learn to love yourself and, consequently, others unconditionally, the more you will be able to join together these two principles and this union will take place in your heart.

That will also allow you to have a very harmonious relationship with your partner since you will accept him or her with all of his or her faults, qualities, weaknesses, strengths, beliefs, fears, and limits, instead of wanting to change him or her. Many people have told me that as they evolve, their romantic relationships are more satisfying. That does not mean that one has met one's soul mate but rather that one's new partner reflects the inner work that we have managed to do.

Among our numerous soul mates, there is one with whom it is easier than it is with others to take our path. Being strongly drawn to a soul mate does not mean that this relationship will be easy. Everything depends on our degree of acceptance. Don't forget that your soul recognizes and is drawn to another soul because it knows that it will be your reflection and will help you become aware of those parts of yourself you do not accept.

As soon as something irritates you, displeases you, or angers you, it is a sign that you do not accept being that which you JUDGE THE OTHER OF BEING. If you don't want to use your partner to grow in love, you will continue to experience the same emotions and the same difficult situations. If you decide to put an end to the relationship, you will go through the same thing with others until and unless you accept that it’s what is going on inside you that is attracting these people.

I thus wish you the self-love necessary to bring about the fusion of your two principles (masculine and feminine). It is that which is called nirvana or seventh heaven on Earth.

With love,

Lise Bourbeau

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