Treating back pain costs over thirty billion dollars per year in the US

In the past ten years, the incidence of back pain has increased by 10%. More than 70% of the US population experiences various degrees of back pain, the cause of which is not known in 85% of the cases. No single origin of the complaint has been identified.

Back pain often recurs, even after surgery.

If you suffer from back pain, here are some metaphysical causes…

  • you bear on your back something that does not belong to you
  • you feel responsible for someone else’s happiness/misery
  • your back is saddled with a situation or a person
  • or, finally, you are among those who feel burdened with debt or can no longer cope with financial hardships

What message are you receiving from your body? Above all, this message should not involve additional self-blame or intention to change. Instead, your body tells you to give yourself the right to take on more than you need to, for the time being, and to accept that you don’t yet know how to consider your needs before those of others, fearing that if you do, people will think you heartless or selfish. I remind you that seeing to your own needs first means self-care, and this is far from being selfish (which means expecting others to give precedence to your needs rather than their own).

Become aware of your great heart and good intentions and tell your body that, one day, you will love yourself well enough to allow yourself to receive more love.

With love,

Lise Bourbeau

Learn to be happy

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