2 ways to register to our workshops or training

By Phone

450-431-5336 (Canada)
1-888-437-8382 (toll free USA/Can)

From this web site:

Click here to fill and send us a registration form through the Internet.

Registration confirmation
On receipt of your deposit, we will send you a letter confirming your registration along with all the necessary information concerning the workshop (location, payment details and what to bring).

Payment method

The cost of the workshop can be spread out over 4 equal payments
as follows:

  • 1st payment (deposit with registration)
  • 2nd payment at the workshop
  • 3rd payment a month after the workshop
  • 4th payment two months after the workshop

If these payment options do not work for you, please do not hesitate to communicate with us or with the workshop organizer before the workshop to see what can be worked out.


The following discounts are not available for the Be in harmony workshop because this workshop's price is already reduced.

Couple discount

If your spouse takes the workshop with you, he or she will receive a 25% discount. This is only applicable when both take the workshop together for the first time.

Student discount

Students get a 25% discount on all workshops by presenting their student card identifying them as a full time student (card must be valid for the current year).

Unemployement discount

An unemployed person registered with a competent authority will have a 25% discount (with a valid proof of the status)

Age discount

Persons aged 25 years and under or 65 years and over will have a 25% discount on all workshops upon presentation of a document confirming their age. A copy of this document must be sent to the organizer at registration.


Canadians can deduct the workshop fees of most of our workshops from their income tax (CANADA REVENU and REVENU QUEBEC). Receipts are given to you at the end of these workshops.


(for workshops in Canada only)

All cancellations must be made in writing by email.
In case of cancellation, we respect the Quebec's consumer protection office law:

Before the workshop the deposit is refundable or transferable to another workshop.

During the workshop the amount corresponding to the untaken
portion of the workshop is refundable or transferable to another workshop, less 10 %.

Cancellations around the world:

We reserve the right to refuse the registration of a person or cancel / postpone a workshop if the number of participants does not reach the required minimum or in extreme cases. In this case, participants will be notified as soon as possible and the amount of the deposit will be refunded or transferred to another workshop. We are not responsible for the costs that a cancellation may cause.

If our school realizes that a participant / student does not have sufficient resources to benefit from our workshops or trainings AND / OR does not follow the instructions that ensure the smooth running of the workshops or training program, he / she will be advised of this fact and we will end his journey with our school. If possible, we will advise them of a resource more suited to his needs. Workshop days paid but not taken will be reimbursed.

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