Interviews with Lise Bourbeau


Heiter Sonnig.jpg Lise Bourbeau's interview for the podcast Heiter Bis Sonnig hosted by Nadine Gerhardt, Die fünf Wunden der Seele ⊹ Lise Bourbeau, April 2021.
podcast 100% inspiration .png Lise Bourbeau's interview for the podcast 100% Inspiration hosted by Thijs Lindhout, episode 224 : Heal your wounds and find your true self - Lise Bourbeau, March 2021.
Podcast your expansive self.jpg Lise Bourbeau's interview for the podcast Your Expansive Self hosted by Tasha Kredl, episode 44: Healing Your 5 Wounds with Author & Teacher Lise bourbeau, January 2021.
Capture Enthusiast_Dec2020.JPG Interview with Lise Bourbeau on "Healing the five wounds" conducted by Siana Kolibarova from the Bulgarian Publishing House Enthusiast, December 2020.
evita-ochel.jpg July 19th 2017 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Evita Ochel from Evolving Beings regarding her book EGO
Capture.JPG How can we use our fears to better ourselves. Article in the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS REVIEW.
evita-ochel.jpg April 7th 2016 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Evita Ochel from Evolving Beings regarding her book Cancer - A book of hope.
miriam-knight.jpg March 30th 2016 - Lise Bourbeau's radio interview with Miriam Knight from New Consciousness Review regarding her book Cancer - A book of hope.
riseup.png December 2015 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Nada Lena for Rise up for you.
big-tvr1-revine-in-moldova.jpg November 2014 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Ligia Munteanu, journalist for TVR1.
 AndreeaPapp.JPG November 2014 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Andreea Papp for Stilul Tau.
Toni Reilly.JPG September 2014 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Tony Reilly, Australia
 evita-ochel.jpg July 2014 - EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Lise Bourbeau in a dialogue about the mind-body connection with respect to health and disease.
DigiWorld.JPG October 2013 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Ina Ilie made in Romania with english subtitles for Digiworld.

March 2012 - Listen to a live radio interview that was held at CKCU-FM Ottawa (93.1) - the Namaste Radio program.

-Lilou_Mace_Sept_2015.png-.png June 2010 - Interview with Lilou Mace on web tv


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