Do you like to clean your home?

Is spring cleaning just an old family belief now? Actually, Spring cleaning is a clever idea. What’s the difference between a belief and intelligence? To believe in something is to follow a way of life that has been instilled in us by our educators and is based on right and wrong. For most of us, when we don't follow what we were taught, we feel guilty.

To be intelligent is to follow a way of life that is useful, that makes life easier, that we feel good about.

Intelligence = simplicity, utility, and beauty. 

Cleaning helps us put things back in their right place, where we will find them easily to simplify our lives. We sort what is still useful and get rid of what isn’t, and of course the result is that we live in a cleaner, more beautiful environment.

I know a lot of people who just move things around without thinking about whether they really need to keep them. Accumulating unnecessary things complicates life. What you haven't used in a year is no longer useful and this applies to everything: clothes, furniture, food, etc. This is especially difficult for people who are attached to their possessions.

Everything that happens in your physical world reflects what you are experiencing emotionally and mentally. So, the more useless objects you keep, the more you also keep beliefs (ways of thinking) that are no longer useful to you and prevent you from feeling good and listening to your true needs.

To uncover your beliefs, you need to be more alert to the times when:

  • you act out of fear of something/someone
  • you feel guilty
  • you make excuses
  • you blame yourself

For example: those who keep several kitchen accessories or tools that they no longer use. At the time they bought them, they were probably useful, but not anymore. Why not give them away, recycle them in some way and make room in their home?

It's the same thing for all the beliefs we hold; they end up taking up so much space that we can no longer see clearly within ourselves, everything is confused.

The fear of getting rid of something that has been part of our lives for a long time is very difficult. If this is your case, what are you afraid of?

  • Wasting?
  • Of being wrong?
  • Of emptiness?
  • Of what others will say?
  • Or is it mostly fear of the unknown?

These fears indicate a feeling of insecurity that is caused by a lack of self-love.  

We feel safe in the past. This way of living is the opposite of the time we live in. The energy of the Aquarian age (the age of intelligence) moves us towards new experiences. The more you resist this new energy, the worse you feel, because you are wasting your energy going against it. It can be the cause of discomfort and illness and of arguments.

By simply cleaning your house, your office, your garage or even your car, you will find that it will also simplify other areas of your life. Declutter your house and you will declutter your mind. Your needs, desires, and awareness will become clearer, and this will help you to find your inner light.

Learn to be happy

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