Do you complain about not having enough time?

When there is “just not enough time” to do everything we want, chances are we’re not listening to our needs. I hear more and more people complain about time going by too fast. Are you one of them? If so, I suggest you become more aware of what you actually do every day. The best way I know is to write down everything you do. You’ll be surprised by the number of things that make you feel good.

You will surely notice that most of your activities are mainly done for yourself, for the results they give you. Even if they are done for someone else, you will see that in the end, you benefit at least as much as the other person.

We tend to believe that our days are filled with obligations, but it’s our fear of being self-centered that prevents us from seeing that our reality is better than we thought.

If you want to greatly improve your relationship with time, write down all your activities for a couple of weeks. This will also help you see if you are spending time on obligations that don’t make you happy; if there are a lot of them, you may be acting more out of fear than out of love for yourself. You can then revise your obligations by taking into account your needs.

When you accept and love yourself, you claim the right to put yourself first when it comes to choosing your activities. If you don’t take care of your own needs, who will? You will know when you really accept yourself when others admire you for listening to your own needs instead of accuse you of being selfish or self-centered. When we are accused of some-thing, we are judging ourselves of the same thing. So, every time you feel judged by someone, you can thank them because it helps you become aware of an attitude you have towards yourself that needs changing. It’s a great way to change a negative situation into a very positive one.

With Love,

Lise Bourbeau

Learn to be happy

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