Do you know how to really give?

When a person expresses or feels gratitude for another, it brings a lot of energy to the one receiving it, and even to the one giving it! That is one of the big advantages of giving unconditionally. Even if you’re not aware of it, whenever someone thanks you for advice, help, a nice gesture, a compliment, or something else, you receive a dose of energy equal to the degree of gratitude you receive.

A true gift is the one given unconditionally, just for the pleasure of giving. But we sometimes tie a string to our giving without knowing it.

Here are examples of giving conditionally

  • Giving in fear of not being a good person

  • Giving in fear of making someone unhappy

  • Giving through a sense of obligation

  • Giving to be recognized or liked

  • Giving because someone gave to you

To know if there is fear behind your act of giving, ask yourself how you would feel if you did not give. If guilt, discomfort or fear is part of the answer, then it is not a true gift. But if you offer to help someone with a problem, and you would feel OK even if you hadn’t given your help, you know that it’s a true gift. That’s the kind of gift that gives us a lot of energy thanks to the gratitude of others. Also, the time that we take to give unconditionally is very energizing.

If you wonder why a person receiving your help/gift is not at all thankful for what you did, this is usually an indication that your help/gift was based on a fear.

I encourage you therefore to be more attentive when you want to give to others and don’t hesitate to do it as often as you can. Most importantly, remain in your heart.

With Love,

Lise Bourbeau

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