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Johanne Gervais

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Tel: +1-819 593-2143
(Gatineau, QC CANADA)


Skype : johanne.gervais

I am actively pursuing a career in commercial property management since 1989. In 2006 I obtained my certification as a Personal Growth Counselor and Speaker and in 2007 my certification in Specialized Counseling.

In my early twenties I was a volunteer counselor with pre-teens and teens.  I also volunteered for 15 years at the Paliative Care Unit of my local hospital.

I began my Personnal Growth Program with Listen to your body in 2002. After getting my diploma, I opened my practice and in 2009 joined the Personnal Growth Counselor team with Listen to your body. I was also a facilitator for the Listen to your body mini workshops.

My goal is to help others reach their highest aspirations by transcending their fears, while respecting each individual’s limits.


(Spoken languages: French and English)

Marc-André Rizk


 Tel: +1-514 914-2127
(Sutton, QC CANADA)


When we have a problem in our daily life - a problem of health, money, confidence, discipline, in our relationships, at work, ... - it's always because in some way, we have forgotten our divine essence. No need to worry when you read "divine essence", I'm talking here about the creative energy that is within all of us. We have the power to create our life with the decisions we make but when we have a problem, we've forgotten this. With the simple and concrete tools of the Listen to Your Body school, I help people reconnect to this creative energy, this power. If you need a helping hand, I'm here for you. 


I'm a member of RITMA, the grouping of practitioners and therapists in alternative medicine. I am also a teacher for Listen to Your Body and for the ESSAE institute which provides Listen to Your Body teachings in work environments.


(Spoken languages: French and English)


Between 60$/€ and  90$/€  an hour


The price / currency will be determined by country of residence of the customer.

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