Do you act according to what you want?

Have you ever noticed how often our actions and our intentions seem to contradict each other? It’s important to remember that our intentions are what bring about results.

For example, if someone is looking for work, he may do all sorts of things that seem ludicrous to others in order to reach his goal. Nevertheless, if he’s certain that he’ll find work within two weeks and visualizes himself joyful having found a job, he’ll reach his objective. However, if instead, in spite of many focused actions taken to find a job, he’s afraid of being turned down, or having the door closed in his face, he will not find work. I’m not saying that his intention is not to find work, but that his unconscious intention is to avoid rejection. His fear, being greater than his desire, becomes the creative driving force, and the undesired results follow.

That’s why it’s interesting to look at the results you obtain in order to discover the prevailing intention from within.

Your subconscious only understands the images that accompany your intention; thus, if you’re afraid of something, it’s that image that the subconscious mind receives and that which you fear becomes your primary intention. That’s why it’s crucial that you become fully conscious of what you really want. Know that your intention has enough magnetic power to attract the people and circumstances necessary to fulfill your desire.

Knowing your intention and what that result will help you to BE, generates an even greater force of creation.

It’s a good idea to determine first thing in the morning what kind of day you wish to have. Ask yourself what intention lies behind this wish. Do you plan your day according to other people’s needs (out of fear of displeasing them) or according to your own needs? What would fulfilling your needs help you to be?

Another good habit to have before going to sleep is to review your day in order to identify the little miracles that arose thanks to your intentions of that morning.

I believe that miracles are natural for humans and that those who don’t create them are working against the flow of life. For example, you can decide that today you have to find a way to get your “stuff” in order and that by doing so you will feel more peaceful. Even though you may not know how to go about achieving this, by staying in contact with what you want, you will attract the people and circumstances to help you. These are by no means coincidences –they are small miracles manifested thanks to your intention.

Are you conscious of your intentions? In order to know them, ask yourself: Why do I want this? How can it help me? When you stay in touch with your desires and intentions and the reasons behind them, you will be able to stay focused. As long as you’re conscious of your intentions and they remain your focal point, you will develop the determination you need to create what ­you really want.

I invite you to find a desire, your intention to make it reality, and what it will help you to BE. You will quickly reap the benefits.

With Love,

Lise Bourbeau

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