You can use your work for your personal development

We never choose our occupation haphazardly. It help's us to:

  • discover part of what we came into this world to learn;

  • discover what we did not accept from our teachers and/or the parent who looked after our education when we were young;

  • get to know ourselves through our colleagues at work in order to learn true love.

Take a few moments to describe what your work consists of. For example, I would describe my own work in the following way:

I create workshops; I communicate my teachings clearly; I listen well in order to help people find their answers themselves; I stay calm and centered when with different personalities I meet each day; I live and teach the spiritual dimension while at the same time allowing myself to live the material dimension fully.

All the words in bold are part of my life plan, part of what I need to learn and it is natural that at first, this is difficult and requires effort.

clip_image001_067.jpgWhat you experience at work is a continuation of what you experienced at school (or at home) when you were young, in connection with your learning style and your relationship with those who taught you. For example, perhaps people made fun of you because you were slow, maybe you were expected to learn everything, to be perfect, and never to make any mistakes. At work you relive all the difficult experiences of the past that you did not accept.

The best way to discover those things from your childhood with which you have not yet come to terms is to be alert to all your emotions and feelings of guilt and fear, and to do the MIRROR technique. Do it with the person involved whom you accuse and have trouble accepting. When someone makes you react, they are your mirror. This means that they reflect back to you a part of yourself that you do not want to see, because you consider it unacceptable.

Let's say, for example, that you are upset by your boss, because you feel he is demanding too much of you and treating you unfairly. This helps you become aware that you don't accept these aspects of yourself. By checking with him or with others, you will understand that sometimes they too find you demanding and unfair, and this helps you become aware of a part of yourself that you had not accepted until now.

By observing yourself closely, you will realize that you are demanding and unfair towards yourself. The more you repress a part of yourself, the stronger it becomes with time and the more you will draw people to yourself who reflect this part back to you. This happens simply so that you can become aware of it and accept it, so that you can love yourself more.

EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE EXISTS TO HELP YOU LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF. As soon as you give yourself the right to sometimes be demanding and unfair, you will see that this type of behaviour will no longer bother you in others. Therein lies the genius of the human creation!

With love,

Lise Bourbeau

Learn to be happy

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