Relationship Traps

Listening and communicating with an open mind and open heart workshop is a prerequisite

Human beings are sociable, needing to be involved with others in order to feel fulfilled. Unfortunately, unconscious power struggles can gradually worm their way into relationships, which aggravate and eventually ruin them. In this workshop, we will use role playing to help you recognize relationship traps and develop efficient means to correct the situation. By identifying the underlying fears that are the cause of most of these destructive habits, your rapport with your spouse, parents, children, friends and colleagues will improve tremendously. Come and learn proven, practical ways to end these power struggles.

Duration : 2 days from 9AM to 5:30PM
Price : 325 $CA (+ taxes) or 325€ (Many discounts are available)
Payable in monthly instalments of 81.25$CA (+ taxes) or 81.25€

This workshop is not scheduled in English right now. It will be given in the following countries in French or in the local language. Click on the country name for more information.


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