Prosperity and abundance

Are prosperity and abundance part of your life? Are you master of your financial life, or are you a victim? Believe it or not, your attitude and belief systems are the root cause of your present situation. This workshop will help you transform these old beliefs and attitudes, and learn to attract abundance in your life.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Differentiate “abundance” and “prosperity”
  • Apply 20 ways to help you become prosperous and attract abundance
  • Recognize if you are master or a victim of money
  • Identify attitudes or beliefs that prevent you from being successful
  • Discover the spiritual laws of prosperity
  • Develop a prosperous attitude

Comments from some participants ...

  • I now have a tool box with lots of ideas and energy to be successful so I now know what to work on.
  • I was very surprised by the vast content of this workshop. Many tools to attract prosperity and abundance.
  • Prosperity and abundance will be in my life from now on because I have many ways to reach them and overcome my fears.
  • I realized that I was responsible for "screwing up" what I was creating and for what reason I was doing it.

This workshop will not be given in English in the next months, but it might be given in other languages. Please visit our workshop schedule in Europe and Elsewhere in the world to see when it will be given.

Duration : 2 days from 9AM to 5:30PM
Price : 325 $CA (+ taxes) or 325€
Payable in monthly instalments of 81.25$CA (+ taxes) or 81.25€


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