Listen to your soul

Is there anything more captivating than setting out to discover our inner realm? Come and join us in the most fascinating journey you’ll ever experience. When we explore the invisible dimensions, we open up new and unlimited horizons. We will show you how to go deep inside yourself and get in touch with your soul’s true needs. Discover the superb treasures waiting to emerge.

What people said after taking this workshop...

  • I was finally able to forgive my mother for having left me at the age of 9 and the father of my son for his absence and violent temper. Finally free, I've become creator of my life and can now talk about being abandoned and the capacity of forgiving which transformed my difficult life into a magnificent one. "From abandonment to forgiveness ", a great adventure!
  • Thanks to this workshop, I feel a new beginning in my life and a will to live the present moment while respecting my needs.
  • Since I took the "Listen to Your Soul" workshop, my inner emptiness is filled up by an unequalled feeling of joy and peace. Things are working out in my life in a harmonious way and I am definitely aware that it depends only on me so that this situation continues. I know I will succeed. Thank you for everything!


Duration : 2 days from 9AM to 5:30PM
Price : 375$CA (+ taxes) or 375€ (Many discounts are available)
Payable in monthly instalments of 93.75$CA (+ taxes) or 93.75€

This workshop is not scheduled in English right now. It will be given in the following countries in French or in the local language. Click on the country name for more information.


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