Listen To Your Needs

Do you really know what you want? If so, are you able to go about fulfilling your dreams without feeling guilty? Discover how to allow the most important person on earth - YOU - to know what you want and realize your desires. You will also learn to differentiate a
need from a whim or desire.

Most people succeed in achieving what they don't want. This workshop will help you discover why and show you how to make sure that your actions, speech and thoughts correspond to what you want.

Duration : 2 days from 9AM to 5:30PM
Price : 325 $CA (+ taxes) or 325 € (Many discounts are available)
Payable in monthly instalments of 81.25$CA (+ taxes) or 81.25€


This workshop is not scheduled in English right now. It will be given in the following countries in French or in the local language. Click on the country name for more information.


If you would like to be informed next time we plan a workshop in your area or country, please fill out our contact form.

Learn to be happy