How to stop living other's problems

Are you affected by the troubles of people around you or by your loved ones' pain? Are you overtly or subtly blamed for unpleasant circumstances? Do you feel as though you take on your loved ones' discomforts and problems? If you answer yes to these questions, you may be hypersensitive and may bond too closely with those around you. This workshop will help you understand where your intense sensitivity comes from, and the damaging consequences of too much bonding. You will especially learn to manage your sensitivity so you can be an observer without being insensitive.

Duration : 2 days from 9AM to 5:30PM
Price : 325 $CA (+ taxes) or 325€ (Many discounts are available)
Payable in monthly instalments of 81.25$CA (+ taxes) or 81.25€

This workshop is not scheduled in English right now. It will be given in the following countries in French or in the local language. Click on the country name for more information.


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