Breaking free from the hold of the ego

Is it difficult for you to accept not being right? Do you feel that others often cling stubbornly to their opinions? If so, come and see if you are actually grappling with pride. This workshop will also show you how to remain calm, therefore non-reactive, when someone criticizes you, even if you are at fault. Learn to carve a place for yourself in society and manifest your inner power without arrogance.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • to be calm and OK even if someone criticizes or accuses you.
  • how ego and pride are created and tell the difference between the two
  • to identify behaviors that negatively impact relationships and health
  • the difference between being assertive and being arrogant
  • the consequences of over-expressed perfectionism in your life

Comments from past participants...

"I'm taking two minutes to thank you and to tell you how this weekend on the ego has been a moment of rapture and happiness! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to participate because it was really worth the detour! So many moments filled with sharing, connection and awareness! So many seeds sown!"

"I leave with a better image of who I am. I will probably laugh the next few times I get proud and want to get myself together quickly to be my TRUE self."

"I became aware of all the energy I was wasting fighting with my ego."

"I feel ready to experience reconciliation with my father, my spouse, my son-in-law. I also found that I suffer from lots of spiritual pride, all because I had little self-esteem and a fear of feeling inferior."

Duration : 2 days
Price : 325 $CA (+ taxes) or 325€ (Many discounts are available)

This workshop is not planned in English this year, but it is scheduled to be given in French or translated from it in other countries. Click here to see when it will be given.

If you would like to be informed next time we plan a workshop in your area or country, please fill out our contact form.

Learn to be happy

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