Communicating with others according to the wound - part 1 & part 2

Prerequisite: Heal your wounds and find your true self workshop

Generally speaking, our wounds distort our perception of reality, and are the root cause of unconscious defensive attitudes which hinder our ability to communicate. In spite of ourselves, we often become estranged from those close to us. Our inappropriate reactions, fueled by our wounds, give rise to even more suffering and perpetuate the disquieting "vicious circle" experienced in childhood. This workshop will show you how to truly communicate with different types of people by acknowledging your own personal limitations and respecting those of others.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • to establish a good relationship with people who wear any of the 5 masks.
  • to develop your ability to communicate harmoniously when you are suffering from the wound of rejection, injustice, abandonment, betrayal or humiliation.

Comments from past participants...

As I understand better how each of us communicates with masks, it allows me to communicate more openly and easily with everyone around me.

Very happy to have realized why I need so much attention and to feel important.

The humanity of all the participants touches me a lot and it allows me to contact mine.

Duration : 4 days (2 weekends)
Price for this 4 day workshop: 650 $CA (+ taxes) or 650€ (Many discounts are available)

This workshop is not planned in English this year, but it is scheduled to be given in French or translated from it in other countries. Click here to see when it will be given.

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