Be in harmony workshop

(formerly called the BE YOURSELF workshop)

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The dynamic and practical teachings of the BE IN HARMONY workshop can help all those who really want to IMPROVE their quality of life. This one of a kind opportunity provides you with a solid foundation to pursue what you want out of life.

Day 1

with yourself

Identify what your current needs are and how to satisfy them in order to feel good and be happy. Step by step, you will discover a number of different tools, including the important step of discovering how much you really love yourself.

You will learn, among other things, how to…

  • identify the fears and beliefs which serve as stumbling blocks to your happiness;
  • discover what is preventing you from being who you want to be;
  • deal with dissatisfaction and reach serenity;
  • use the tools that are simple and necessary to be in harmony with yourself.

Dare to take the first step and come learn
how to be in harmony and love yourself!


Day 2

with others

Identify why your relationships and the situations you find yourself in are not always as you would like them to be. Then experiment and discover, step by step, what is possible so that you can establish healthy relationships and reach a state of well being with others.

You will learn, among other things…

  • the real sense of responsibility, which will free you from feelings of guilt;
  • the importance of making agreements, but also allowing yourself to change your mind.;
  • to identify the source of the emotions that damage your relationships and how to deal with them;
  • two proven methods to improve your relationships.

Use your difficult relationships as a springboard
towards better well being!


For 35 years, thousands of people have decided
to transform their lives with the help of our tools.
You too can start today!

What do past participants say about it?

  • "Thanks for filling my heart and giving me new tools!"
  • "Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I look forward to growing!"
  • "It has been a delight and an honor to spend this time with you. Thank you for all the insights, the education and the fun! I wish you all the best."
  • "It's been a wonderful experience!"
  • " Thank you for sharing your wisdom... you inspire me."
  • "Thanks for a great weekend. The info will last a lifetime and improve it as I walk the path."
  • "Thank you for the light you shone on my path. The future reserves many nice surprises and I have the impression that your light will be part of it." 

Duration: 9:00-17:30
Price: 198CAN or 225€/225USD in countries where translation is necessary.
If you’ve already taken this workshop or the Listen to your body workshop, you can register for free.


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Learn to be happy