Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by muscle pain, stiffness and easy fatigue.


Fibromyalgia seems to occur more commonly in those who have felt chronic guilt from a very early age. They felt broken and guilty for being alive, for existing. For example, a sensitive little girl may imagine that her parents would be better off without her. As a result, she feels vulnerable and easily "broken." She usually becomes very rigid in life.


Stop believing that others don't care about you and they would be better off without you. There is no need to make yourself sick to gain the attention that you seek. Look, instead, outside yourself and you will realize that you are welcome and that you are getting more attention than you believe. It is your mindset that is distancing you from others and distorting your perception of the situation. Let go of this perception and become more flexible. This will allow you to become aware of the love that others have for you, even if they don't seem to be expressing it in the way you had expected. See MUSCULAR DISORDERS.

Learn to be happy

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